CSCcmd – Windows CMD Command

Run this utility on a client PC to configure offline files. Offline files (CSC) allow the client PC to access copies of network files while disconnected from the network/domain. Files can be synchronized with the network when connected.

Offline files are most often used with laptops to provide access to data when on the move. Folder redirection can be set up to place the users My Documents on a server share, and then Offline Files can be set to copy and cache the data to the laptops C: drive.
This arrangement allows faster synchronization of files than a full roaming profile (which also synchronizes other things you probably don’t need on a laptop.)

The /PIN2 switch does not copy the content of the shared resource into the local cache. Pinning is not sufficient to make the files available offline. After you use the /PIN2 switch, you must run CSCCMD /FILL to copy the content of the shared resource to the local cache.

When using FILELIST, any white space at the start of a file is ignored.
With the /UNICODE option, CSCCMD will create or read a file list in Unicode text format.

CSC is available for Windows 2000/XP/2003.

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