DSQUERY.exe – Windows CMD Command

Search for an active directory object.

Commas within a CN must be escaped with the backslash \ character CN=Company\, Incorporated…

Escape Backslashes with a second backslash CN=Sales\\ Latin America…

If any value contains spaces, use quotation marks: CN=John Smith,CN=Users,DC=F4T,DC=com

Special Tokens
The token $username$ (case insensitive) can be used to place the SAM account name.
Entering * as a password will prompt for a new password.

Adding multiple Objects
For any DS command, you can enter multiple values separated by spaces.
e.g. to add several user accounts at once just supply a list of the distinguished names separated with spaces.

It is also possible to store multiple values in a text file and redirect it into DSQUERY.

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