WPR.exe – Windows CMD Command

Windows Performance Recorder

Record system events for analysis with Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)
WPR is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 10

      WPR options…

   -help          – Provide command line help information.
   -profiles      – Enumerate the profile names and descriptions from a profile file.
   -purgecache    – Purges the dynamic symbols cache.

   -marker scenario_name     – Fire an event marker.
   -markerflush scenario_name  – Fire an event marker and flush the working set.
   -status        – Display status on active recording (if any).

   -profiledetails profile1+profile2..+profilen [-filemode] -onoffscenario OnOff Transition Type
                    Display the detailed information about a set of profiles.
                    The naming convention of the profiles is exactly the same as used
                    in wpr -start, a profile is specified as  profile_name[.{light|verbose}].

   -providers     – Display detailed information about providers.
   -cancel        – Cancel recording initiated via WPR (if any).
   -start options – Start one or more profiles.
   -stop [recording_filename] [problem_description]
                  – Stop recording initiated via WPR (if any) and save.
   -log {enabled|disabled|remove} – Configure debug logging to the event log.
   -disablepagingexecutive {on|off} – Change the Disable Paging Executive settings.
   -heaptracingconfig process_name [Package_full_name Package_relative_app_ID] [{enable|disable}]
                  – Change heap tracing settings for a process.
                    If the {enable|disable} parameter is omitted the current heap tracing
                    configuration for the process or app will be displayed.

   -capturestateondemand   – Capture states for the configured providers in the current recording.
   -pmcsources    – Query the list of hardware counters available on the system.
   -setprofint    – Set the sampled profile interval to n  [1221…10000000].
                    [Default: n = 10000 (1msec)]

   -profint       – Query the current profile interval.
   -resetprofint  – Restore the default profile interval values.

 start options:
   -start [filename.wprp!] profile [-start profile…]
      [-filemode] [-recordtempto temp_folder_path] [-onoffscenario OnOff_Transition_Type]
         [-onoffresultspath  path_to_which_the_trace_files_are_saved]
            [-onoffproblemdescription description_of_the_scenario]
               [-onoffpretracecommand command_to_run_synchronously_each_iteration_before_tracing_starts]
                  [-onoffposttracecommand command_to_run_asynchronously_after_all_the_iterations_complete_or_fail]
                     [-numiterations number_of_iterations_for_OnOff_tracing]

      -start [filename.wprp!] profile is either a built-in profile (if no filename is specified) or a path to
                      (and name of) a user-defined custom profile.
                       The user can specify up to 64 profiles on the command line.  Each profile is specified as:
           profile := [filename.wprp!]profile_name[.{light|verbose}]
                       Each profile can define both light and verbose variants or just one of the two.
                       If neither option is specified, the verbose variant is used unless the profile has only a light variant.

      -filemode        Specifies that recording is done in file mode, the default is memory mode.
      -onoffscenario   Specifies one of the on/off transition types: Boot, FastStartup, Shutdown, RebootCycle, Standby, or Hibernate.
      -numiterations   Set the number of iterations for OnOff recording.

      By default the settings from the built-in or custom profile file are used.

WPR must be run elevated.


List the available/built in profiles:

C:\> wpr -profiles

Record some registry events to c:\wpr\registry

C:\> md wpr & cd wpr
C:\wpr\> wpr -start registry
C:\wpr\> wpr -stop registry

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