PowerCFG – Windows CMD Command

Control power settings, configure Hibernate/Standby modes.

Powercfg must be run from an elevated command prompt.

The most common cause of problems with power saving/hibernation is an incompatible device driver, diagnose this by disabling each device in turn (with /DeviceDisableWake)

When activating Power Saving across an organisation, it is important to ensure that software updates (security patches and antivirus) are not disrupted.
WSUS can be configured to install updates when workstations are available and Scheduled Tasks can be set to Wake the machine when needed.

Power scheme GUIDs

The use of GUIDs avoids any problems with internationalization when applying Power Saving to non-English versions of Windows.

The three most common built-in power schemes:

SCHEME_MAX = Power saver (Max power saving)
SCHEME_BALANCED = Balanced (Typical)
SCHEME_MIN = High performance (Min power saving)

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