What Is A Domain Name Server (DNS) And How Does It Work?

DNS stand for Domain Name System/Service. It’s used to resolve FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) to IP address and Vice versa such as www.example.com to and vice versa.

– Domain Name systems makes it easy for the user to remember the name and access the web pages easily.

– DNS is an alternate way to provide easy to remember IP addresses and use them to access the web-services easily.

DNS is like a phone book for the internet. If you know a person’s name but don’t know their telephone number, you can simply look it up in a phone book. DNS provides this same service to the internet.

When you visit https://www.future4tech.com in a browser, your computer uses DNS to retrieve the website’s IP address of this website. Without DNS, you would only be able to visit our website (or any website) by visiting its IP address directly.

DNS Record Types

DNS servers create a DNS record to provide important information about a domain or hostname, particularly its current IP address. The most common DNS record types are;

  • A (Host address)
  • AAAA (IPv6 host address)
  • ALIAS (Auto resolved alias)
  • CNAME (Canonical name for an alias)
  • MX (Mail Exchange)
  • NS (Name Server)
  • PTR (Pointer)
  • SOA (Start Of Authority)
  • SRV (location of service)
  • TXT (Descriptive Text)

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