Best Online DNS Lookup Tools

Without a Domain Name System (DNS), the Internet would come to a complete stop and would not be conceivable.

DNS lookups against DNS servers can provide you with useful information about DNS server configuration, DNS zones, and overall DNS record health.

DNS records describe how domain names are associated with their respective IP addresses. Name servers are where these records are kept. The root name servers are located all over the world and store the location of top-level domains (TLD). DNS records store information about each domain, such as its DNS providers.

Here are the best DNS Lookup websites where you can easily scan your domain and get all the DNS records such as A, AAAA, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, CNAME, and so on.

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Online Tools to Check DNS Records – [Best DNS Checkers]

The Best DNS Monitoring Tools, Checkers, Lookup and Propagation Tools Available are as follows:

1. DNS Watch

The DNS Watch lookup tool is a simple to use tool. In the input field, type a hostname or website IP address and select the record type to retrieve. This tool will help you troubleshoot quickly by displaying all domain records, including their TTL value, in a matter of seconds.

2. intoDNS

intoDNS allows the user to enter a single root domain name, after which the tool generates a report on the status of various DNS aspects for that zone. intoDNS condenses many of the results of various DNS query tools into a checklist of things that could go wrong and suggests fixes for your DNS settings. It is designed to check mail settings and simple website configurations.

3. MxToolbox

MxToolbox is another another tool designed specifically for verifying the status of email-related DNS entries. It offers both a simple check of MX records and a more extensive analysis on different issues concerning a domain’s email settings. It can also verify whether a domain or its associated IP addresses have been blacklisted from sending email on a variety of well-known lists.

4. What’s My DNS

What’s My DNS is a fantastic free tool that allows users to evaluate the global propagation of any zone’s records. This free tool can be quite helpful in checking whether bad values have been cached with regional ISPs or in determining whether records are propagating as planned. It is feasible to get a really worldwide view of the status of your domains by providing a simple tick for positive results and a red ‘x’ where a query fails.

5. DNS Checker

DNSchecker is a web-based tool that rapidly displays the DNS records of any website. Simply enter the domain name, select the DNS server from which to query records, then click the “Lookup DNS” button.

It also allows you to choose the entries you want to get. This web service can also query SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DS records, and DNSKEY records.

6. ViewDNS

ViewDNS offers a comprehensive DNS report, reverse IP lookup to identify all sites located on the supplied server, reverse MX lookup to find all sites given the same server, and reverse Whois Lookup to find domain name owners. There are also more choices such as Ping, Abuse Contact Lookup, IP location finder, and so on.

7. DNSMap

DNSMap is a free DNS propagation checker that allows you to utilise the DNS Lookup Tool and service to verify domain name server records from a random list of DNS servers located around the world. Within minutes, you can type in your URL and examine the domain name server’s data.

8. DNSPropagation

DNSPropagation is a free online application that will assist you in performing a DNS Lookup for any current IP address. You may quickly obtain DNS record information from a huge number of various name servers located all over the world. These name servers will display the DNS propagation time as well as the node.

9. Geekflare

Geeklfare DNS record lookup tool is another another amazing tool for examining any website’s DNS records. Simply enter the domain name and click on the “Lookup DNS” button to retrieve the target website’s records.
In a matter of seconds, you will see all of the domain records, including their TTL value. If you’ve changed a record and want to see if it’s reflected on the internet, this tool will help you troubleshoot quickly.

10. LeafDNS

LeafDNS offers a free complete DNS test. You can input the domain name in the supplied space and hit “Go!”. They are creating and intending to introduce many more services in the future. It is an easy website to use, and you may contact the email address provided to report any problems or complaints.

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There are so many tools!

This overview should have been helpful, but if it was too much for you, don’t worry. We use several of these tools on a regular basis and are delighted to assist you with domain troubleshooting. 

These tools are used in a variety of ways to retrieve the DNS report. As a system administrator, you should understand how to operate these tools as well as how to read and understand the reports.

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